Improve your recycling with the Plus Plan!

Already have recycling service set up but want to improve your recycling efforts or optimize your system? We can provide you with free resources and tools to help!

What’s Included

Recycling Bins

We provide free interior recycling bins to any Hamilton County business! We will perform a walk-through of your business to help decide the number, type, and placement of bins and then deliver them to you.

Interior Signage

With every bin delivery we provide free signage to help educate your employees and customers about recycling. If you are seeing recycling contamination, we can work with you to establish creative custom signage.

Educational Seminars

We provide a variety of educational seminars that you can choose from to help improve your waste reduction efforts and better communicate with your staff and customers.

Visual or physical waste audit

If you are looking to dive deeper into ways to reduce your waste or assess your contamination rate, we are happy to perform free waste audits for your business to better understand what you are throwing away and what could be diverted from the landfill.

“Eco-conscious shoppers show extraordinary brand loyalty.”

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