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As an institution that prides itself on creativity and beauty and a strong commitment to community, the Cincinnati Art Museum (CAM) is committed to the social and environmental wellness of future generations through policies encouraging environmental sustainability, diversity, and inclusion. Visitors can see their promise to bring vibrancy to the community and commitment to sustainability throughout the museum and its grounds.

For example, CAM has worked extensively with Hamilton County Recycling ReSource to enhance their recycling program throughout the museum and office spaces. They also hired interns through the Southwest Ohio Pollution Prevention Program specifically to assist with creating a sustainable path forward. Through the intern’s efforts, CAM was able to create a dashboard to track and model sustainability efforts, identify recycling outlets to support their upgrade to LED lighting, and achieve 513 Green Certification.

“Hamilton County Recycling ReSource has supported us in our waste reduction efforts since day one.”

Amy Burke, Cincinnati Art Museum

Assistance from Hamilton county

Hamilton County Recycling ReSource plays a valuable role in the success of our partners’ success. Contributions include internships, recycling bins, education, grants, and much more. Below are the specific contributions we have provided to CAM’s waste reduction efforts.

  • Paired recycling and trash bins throughout the museum public spaces
  • Recycling bins in the Longworth office spaces
  • Consulting for hard to recycle items and universal waste
  • Staff education seminars and training


Hamilton County Recycling ReSource has provided more than $22,000 to the Cincinnati Art Museum in support of their sustainability efforts.

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