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Enrichment Seminars

Are you interested in bringing enrichment programs to your workplace, organization, club, or event? We offer educational programs that will make an impact and be a positive experience for your team. Whether it is part of a staff meeting, lunch and learn, or a stand-alone presentation, we are happy to come out to your location. These presentations are roughly one hour long and are available during normal work hours, early evenings, and weekends. See below for our list of seminars that are currently available. Don’t see a seminar that you’re looking for? That’s ok, we can customize an experience just for you.

“The workplace sessions, which have allowed for collaboration and building camaraderie in the community, have been such an incredible tool.”

Amy Burke, Cincinnati Art Museum

Available Educational Seminars

  • Get the Dirt on Backyard Composting
    Get the Dirt on Backyard Composting

    In Hamilton County, about 32% of what goes into our landfills could be composted. In this presentation, participants will learn why composting is beneficial, what materials can be composted, and how to start and properly maintain their own compost.


  • Recycling 101
    Recycling 101

    What’s Recyclable and How to Take Steps Beyond Recycling. Confused on what is and isn’t recyclable? This presentation goes over the basics of recycling but also explains why certain items aren’t recyclable. Attendees will also learn steps they can take beyond recycling to create less waste in the first place.


  • Recycling Beyond the Bin
    Recycling Beyond the Bin

    This presentation will provide participants with a clear understanding of what can be recycled in Hamilton County as well as a discussion of the programs and tools for waste reduction that are offered by Hamilton County Recycling ReSource.


  • Facilities Best Practices Training
    Facilities Best Practices Training

    This customizable seminar is used to educate janitorial/facilities/operations staff on best practices for what is recyclable and how to make sure items get to the recycling bin rather than the trash.


  • Wasted Food Stops with Us
    Wasted Food Stops with Us

    Consumer habits contribute to the 40% of produced food that is wasted each year. This presentation will equip attendees to reduce, reuse, and rescue food.


  • Custom Seminar
    Custom Seminar

    Don’t see the program you’re looking for? No problem. Simply fill out the form below and let us know what your group needs. We’ll be happy to customize an experience for you!


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