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Hamilton County Recycling ReSource helps organizations and institutions in Hamilton County waste less, recycle properly, and conserve resources. Our experience has allowed us to develop a proven path to successfully reduce waste. Get your organization on the path to waste reduction — we’re here to help at any point!

Step 1

Establish a
green team

Step 2

Create a
recycling plan

Step 3

Set up
recycling service

Step 4

Set up indoor

Step 5

Perform a
waste audit

Step 6

Hard to
recycle items

Step 7

Monitor and refine methods

Step 8

513 Green

Path to Waste Reduction

establish a green team hamily county recycling resource

STEP 1 Establish a Green Team

  • Figure out who will be supporting these efforts. A green team ideally consists of several environmentally passionate employees with support from management and the janitorial staff
  • Determining who is in support can help your recycling collection efforts
create a recycling play hamilton county recycling resource

STEP 2 Create a Recycling Plan

  • Find out if you currently have recycling service or if you will need to set up service.
  • Determine where the collection point is and if carts or a recycling dumpster better suits your needs.
  • Find out how often your recycling will need to be collected and when it is collected.
  • Determine who will be collecting the recycling from the indoor bins and taking them to the outdoor collection point. This is typically the janitorial staff, a designated recycling coordinator, and/or the members of the Green Team.
  • Plan on how to rollout recycling and educate staff.
set up recycling service hamilton county recycling resource

STEP 3 Set up Recycling Service (if not already done) (Outdoor Recycling Infrastructure)

  • Contact haulers (Rumpke, Republic, etc.) for quotes and determine who you will go with
  • City of Cincinnati free recycling cart program
  • Sign up for our Starter Plan and a Hamilton County Recycling Resource consultant can help set you up with recycling service!
indoor recycling hamilton county recycling resource

STEP 4 Indoor Recycling Infrastructure & Education

  • Walk through your building and see where recycling bins should be placed
  • Determine if every desk will have a recycling bin and if these bins will be collected individually or need a common drop-off area
  • See where sources of recyclable items are coming from—i.e. paper from printer, bottles and cans from vending machine, cardboard from loading dock, etc.
  • As you set up bins, also set up signage and other educational resources.
  • You can get free recycling bins from Hamilton County Resource!
  • Sign up for our Plus Plan and a Hamilton County Recycling ReSource consultant can help you create signage and help educate!
waste audit hamilton county recycling resource

STEP 5 Perform a Waste Audit (optional)

  • Visual audit
  • Physical waste audit
  • Can help determine what % can be recycled, composted, reduced
  • Can help determine what education needs to be done to reduce contamination
  • Hamilton County Recycling ReSource can perform a waste audit for you!
hamilton county recycling resource

STEP 6 Beyond the Bin

  • Determine what other items could be diverted from the landfill (food waste, paper towels, batteries, lightbulbs, ink and toner cartridges, plastic bags and film, etc.) Click here for locations near you that accept these items.
  • Or sign up for our Premium Plan and a Hamilton County Recycling ReSource consultant can help you find outlets for specialty item recycling!
waste monitoring hamilton county recycling resource

STEP 7 Monitor for Contamination and Continued Education

  • To make your waste reduction efforts more successful, monitor your bins/carts/dumpster for contamination and provide education to the staff on what is going right and what is going wrong
  • Hamilton County Recycling ReSource can help with continued education!
513 green certification hamilton county recycling resource

STEP 8 Receive 513 Green Certification

Contact a ReSource Waste Consultant to get you on the right path today!

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