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Junk King

A crowning achievement

Junk King strives to provide friendly customer service and a job well-done every time, whether you need to get rid of a single item or declutter your home or business. But their mission goes beyond providing a good service to customers, they also are committed to ensuring your junk gets recycled or donated. They are the only national company to operate their business with a local sorting facility with a goal to recycle, reuse, or donate up to 100% of what is hauled! Junk King has kept over 1 million pounds of waste out of Cincinnati’s landfills already this year through the first two quarters.

Everything they collect gets taken back to their warehouse to be hand sorted by employees that identify which items can be donated or recycled. For the donatable items, Junk King has a network of 50 local, nonprofit partners that have access to any usable furniture, appliances, and household items they need to support the community. 

“Our good work in reusing, restoring, recycling and giving new life to items is what sets our company apart from the competition.”

Jack Brendamour, Junk King

Assistance from Hamilton county

Hamilton County Recycling ReSource plays a valuable role in the success of our partners’ success. Contributions include internships, recycling bins, education, grants, and much more. Below are the specific contributions we have provided to Junk King’s waste reduction efforts.


Hamilton County Recycling ReSource has provided over $34,000 to Junk King in support of their sustainability efforts.

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